Friday, March 23, 2007

The Final Taxi : Larry Bud- Doom Patrol & Podcamp

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Larry 'Bud' Melman, Arnold Drake & Podcamp

Calvert DeForest, the white-haired, bespectacled nebbish who gained cult status as the oddball Larry (Bud) Melman on David Letterman's late night television shows has taken his Final Taxi.

Also famous comic book writer Arnold Drake who wrote comics for Star Trek, Twilight Zone, Batman and X-men and created the Doom Patrol and Deadman has also died.

Brain Science #8: How Neurons Communicate

The latest episode of the Brain Science Podcast is more technical than most. It deals with neurotransmitters. One of the key things that makes the brain different from a digital computer is that most of the signaling between neurons is actually chemical. Neurotransmitters are the chemicals released by one neuron that then interact with the receptors on another neuron or target cell (like a muscle). It turns out that it is the properties of the receptor, which is a membrane protein, that determines the effect of the neurotransmitter. This means that the same neurotransmitter can have very different effects in different parts of the brain and body.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Final Taxi #66 John Inman & Brad Delp- Served in Boston


Brad Delp & John Inman take their Final Taxi.


This week
Ron Nastie talks about Brad Delp who was lead singer of the classic rock band
Boston. Also we remember the comedy of John Inman,. His show "Are You Being
Served?" has been on PSB TV for years and has become a staple of their
programming. John Inman played the campy Mr. Humphries for 13 years on that TV

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Brain Science #7: Bonobos with Dr. Stuart Shanker

kanzi_img06b.jpgKanzi and Sue Savage-Rumbaugh

This is the first interview episode of the Brain Science Podcast. As a follow-up to #6, I had the opportunity to interview Stuart Shanker, PhD, one of the co-authors of The First Idea: How Symbols, Language, and Intelligence Evolved From Our Primate Ancestors to Modern Humans .

I really wanted to talk about the implications of primate research, but he also tells us more about his work with autistic children and how he thinks what we are learning about brain development will enable early intervention and improved outcomes for children with autism and other learning disabilities.

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What are Bonobos?

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Sue Savage-Rumbaugh-pioneer primate researcher

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Sunday, March 4, 2007

I was a little hesitant to choose a controversial book, but after I read President Carter's new book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, I felt the ideas were too important not to share. I also feel that anyone who reads the book for themselves will agree that Jewish Americans are being unfair when they accuse President Carter of taking sides. It is true that he highlights the plight of the Palestinians in the occupied territories, but this hardly makes him biased.

This podcast is only an introduction to the book. You will have to read it yourself to make your own decision.

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Here are some links you might find interesting:

The Carter Center

CNN's coverage of the resignation of the Jewish members of the Carter Center

Some information about the Wall Israel is building around its settlements