Monday, April 9, 2007

Final Taxi - #69 : I Triple Dog Dare Ya- Bob Clark

: A Christmas
s Bob Clark

"You'll Shoot Your Eye Out," "I Triple Dog Dare Ya!" "Fra- Jee- Lee; Must be Italian." All these are phases we know and love because of Bob Clark.
Bob Clark, the director of film classics 'Porky's and 'A Christmas Story', has taken his Final Taxi, alongside his 22-year old son Ariel.

Clark, who was 67, specialised in horror films and thrillers. His other titles include the likes of 'Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things', 'Murder by Decree', 'Breaking Point' and 'Black Christmas'.

But he was most famous for 'Porky's', which is often cited as one of the first "gross-out" teen sex comedies, while 'A Christmas Story' has become something of a seasonal tradition in the US with 24 hour marathons.

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